Enterprise Multi-service Gateway
Model No.:FV-AC60-D

FV-AC60-D adopts a new generation of high-performance hardware platform and is fully upgraded to 2.5G interface.It is mainly suitable for medium and large-scale application scenarios,and brings richer integrated services at the same time.It is mainly designed for corporate offices,schools,shopping malls,commercial residences and other scenarios. Multi-service gateway.

At the same time,the device supports intelligent networking (SD-WAN),multi-WAN access, DPI flow control,Internet behavior management,multiple authentication methods,firewall,VPN application,AC controller, FULLVISION cloud management platform and other functions.

In addition, with high computing power and large memory hardware design, multi-service routers provide rich SAAS services in the cloud, creating an edge computing platform at the network exit.

FULLVISION enterprise gateway products have achieved a good reputation in the enterprise market and customers in various industries for many years with innovative functions and stable performance,and are committed to creating open,intelligent, professional and stable products and solutions for users, which are more suitable for Current enterprise market network requirements.


Product Feature
●  Professionalgateway device based on DPI seven-layer flow control
●  Supportdual-system hot backup, support active-standby and load mode, to ensure high availability of network egress
●  Supportone-click flow control and manual flow control
●  3200+ applicationprotocol identification, more accurate flow control, improved bandwidth utilization
●  Integratethe gateway, DPI flow control, AC management, and the Portal authentication.
●  Significantlyreduce initial investment costs
●  WithAC intelligent management function, use together with the FULLVISION AP;
●  realize easy AP management
●  Support FULLVISION platform management,remote cross-regional centralized management and maintenance
●  SupportVPN,private network for encrypted communication;ensure remote access security
●  Supportmulti-line access, simultaneous access by different operators,  rational use, reduce bandwidth costs
●  Supportwireless marketing function and 10 kinds of authentication methods to meet the needs of different users and scenarios
●  Built-inhigh-performance processor suitable for deployment of large-scale commercial scenarios.

Hardware Parameters
Interface 6*10/ 100/ 1000/2500Mbps -RJ45 Ports
Size ( 440mm*250mm*44mm ) 19 inch
Power Consumption ≤25W
Power AC 220V
Throughput( 1500 Bytes) 3500Mbps
Packet Forwarding Rate 300kpps
Maximum Number of Concurrent 300W
AP Number 512
User capacity 300 users
Working Temp 0℃ ~45℃
Storage Temp -50~80℃
Humidity 5%~95% ( Non-condensing )
Lightning Protection 4KV

Software Parameters
Routing Function Support IPv4 and IPv6 dual protocol stack.
Support PPPoE, static IP, DHCP and other access methods .
Support LAN/WAN custom settings, support VLAN.
Support bandwidth superposition, such as accessing multiple WANs at the same time, using multi-threaded tools to download, can realize bandwidth superposition .
Supports load balancing based on IP, port, number of connections, and traffic.
Line backup: one is the main line and the other is the backup line. When the main line is dropped, the backup line will take over.
Data diversion: Line allocation can be performed according to source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, domain name, and application protocol, or the direction can be automatically allocated according to the number of Internet users, and supports uplink and downlink separation and diversion.
Policy routing: It can access different operators such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and Education Network at the same time, and supports custom operators.Support policy routing function to solve the bottleneck problem of network access between different operators; support static routing.
Support one-line multi-dialing and wan extension.
Support port mapping, DMZ, UPnP, NAT rules, IGMP proxy.
Support PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN/Open VPN function .
Gateway and bypass deployments supported.
Traffic Control One-click intelligent flow control: You only need to select the flow control scenario and set the WAN bandwidth. The device optimizes bandwidth resources in real time according to the bandwidth usage to ensure key applications and improve bandwidth utilization. In addition, it supports manual flow control mode to support customer personalization Customize specific flow control policies.
Flow control module: It can accurately identify more than 3,200 application protocols, assign priorities and line directions to various application protocols, and the database supports real-time online updates to achieve accurate flow control based on application protocols.

Supports line-based flow control for time periods based on source IP, port, domain name, and time.
Behavior Management Supports time-based and group-based PC and mobile APP application management strategies, supports domain name black and white lists, URL redirection, URL keyword and parameter substitution.
Supports network sharing control, such as secondary routing .
Support behavior management log viewing, including URL log, IM software online and offline records, terminal online and offline records.
Authentication and Accounting Support cloud platform portal authentication, support more than 10 authentication methods,including applet,WeChat,mobile phone,QQ, Microblog, user,password, countdown, coupon, trial,one-key authentication.
Support a variety of authentication template options, support custom scrolling pictures and logos.
Supports authentication-free settings based on mac, IP, and domain name.
Support local PPPoE Server,support connection to third-party authentication server.
Support batch import and export, support custom packages, support coupon management, support account password self-service password modification.
Support notification function,including real-time notification,periodic notification, account expiration reminder, PPPoE expiration reminder.
Support bypass authentication, support multiple device authentication roaming.
Network Security Support global connection limit, which can be set separately based on time and IP
Supports defense against ARP attacks and improves intranet security.
Support DDOS defense and traffic attack defense, support internal and external network prohibition of Ping, prohibit internal network client Tracert.
Supports ACL rules based on IP, protocol, port, time period, data direction, and interface.
Cloud Management Through cloud configuration and management,unified configuration, distribution and management of managed gateway devices and AP devices .
Supports batch delivery of wireless rules from the cloud, including SSID, SSID hiding and isolation, AP balance mode, and wireless security settings.
Support configuration cloud backup.
Through the cloud, the device name, device online status, user data, online duration, and the number of terminals under the device are realized .
Support terminal fast roaming, 5G priority.

AC Management Automatically discover wireless device APs in the network, and manage the network uniformly through the wireless controller.
Support for AP upgrade, restart, and factory reset, support for radio frequency shutdown and AP timing restart.
Support to view the online/offline status of AP.
Support wireless black and white list .
Support setting AP isolation, SSID isolation .
Applications Support dynamic domain name, including 3322, oray, dnspod, aliyun, huaweicloud.com, cloudflare.com .
Support Port Mirroring, Wake-on-LAN, FTP, HTTP Static Service, UDPXY.
Support line speed measurement,route physical examination,health monitoring, subnet conversion, and packet capture tools.
System Management Support cross three-layer application, support cross three-layer authentication, mac address filtering, etc.
Support SNMP, Telnet, ssh, http, https, Console management.
Support Ping, Tracert.
Support multi-level login account permission settings .
Support scheduled restart and shutdown .
Support user log, function log, system log record.

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