Cost-Effective EDFA for FTTH, triple play network
Model No.:FV-E0427W
1550nm dual inputs EDFA , in fact, built in with a set of complete optical switch system, which can be used as the backup of A and B optical path. When the main optical path fails or lower than the threshold value, the device will automatically switch to the standby optical path to ensure the continuous working of the device. The product is mainly used in optical fiber ring network or redundant standby network, It is featured in short switching time (< 8ms), low loss (< 0.8dbm ), and  can be forced manually switched.

Main Applications
1. Fiber ring network.
2. FTTH,FTTx PON,Triple-play
3. IP/QAM data business
4. Network upgrading and capacity expansion based on existing optical fiber resource.
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