Cost Effective 1 Pon port Mini GPON OLT with PON SFP

Cost Effective 1 Pon port Mini GPON OLT with PON SFP

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 Model No.:FVPN-OLG01


The splitting ratio of its PON port is 1: 128, and the farthest transmission distance is 20KM. Its uplink and downlink bandwidth is as high as: 1.25Gbps/2.5Gbps.


  • RTL9617C+BCM68627 High Performance Chipset
  • Built-in PON optic module Mini Metal ShellEasy Deployment
  • 10GE(SFP+) Uplink
Model No. FVPN-OLG01
Chassis  Rack 1U
GE/ 10GE  QTY 3
Uplink Port  RJ45(GE) 2
SFP(GE)/SFP+(10GE) 1
Fiber Type 9/ 125μm SM
Connector SC/UPC , Class C++
GPON Port  GPON port speed Upstream 1.244Gbps, Downstream 2.488Gbps
Specification Wavelength TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
Max splitting ratio 1 : 128
Transmission Distance 20KM
TX Power 7dBm
 Rx Sensitivity  -34dBm
Saturation Optical Power -8dBm
Management Ports 1*CONSOLE port, 1*USB Type-C
Backplane Bandwidth (Gbps) 16
Port Forwarding Rate(Mpps) 23.808
Management Mode Console/WEB/Telnet/CLI
 Lightning protection level Power supply 6KV
Device Interface 4KV
Management Function
  • Telnet,CLI,WEB;

  •  Port Status monitoring and  configuration


  •  Online ONTconfiguration and  management

  •  User management

  •  Alarm management

    Layer2 Switch

  •  1K Mac address

  • Support 4096 VLAN

  •  Support port VLAN

  • Support VLAN tag/Un-tag, VLAN

    transparent transmission

  • Support storm control based on port

  • Support port isolation

  •  Support port rate limitation

  •  Support 802.1D and 802.1W

  • Access control list

  • IEEE802.x flowcontrol

  •  Port stability statistic and  monitoring

    GPON  Function

  •  Tcont DBA

  •  Gemport traffic

  •  In compliant with ITU-T984.x standard

  •  Up to 20KM transmission Distance

  •  Support data encryption, multi-cast, portVLAN, separation, etc

  •  Support ONT auto-discovery/linkdetection/remote upgrade of software

  • Support VLAN division and userseparation to avoid broadcast storm

  • Support power-off alarm function, easy forlink problem detection

  • Support broadcasting storm resistancefunction

    Dimension (L*W*H)

  •  224mm*199mm*43.6mm


  • Net weight of single power: 1.07kg

    Power Adapter

  • DC 12V 2.5A

    Working Temperature

  •  0°C ~+55°C

    Storage Temperature

  •  -40~+85°C

    Relative Humidity

  • 10~85% (non-conditioning)